History, introspective!

Around 4500 BC, there are evidences of occupation on this area of Prague, they are believed to be the Celtic Tribes and the Germanic ones. Carbon dating was done to be occupied on this date. 5000 years later, around 500  BC, there were inhabitants to be known by their name, they were called the Boii– which the name Bohemia were derived.

As time passed by, around the 6th Century, the Slavic’s settled and established homes together with the Germanians around Prague — later on the former became the most dominant in population.

In the 8th Century and 9th centure, there were many settlements and had its first construction of the Prague Castle. As time passed by, Roman Catholic Churches were built and had rotunda’s in the heart of prague where made. Later on in 1085, First Bohemiam Kina Vraislav 1, made Prague his hometown.

Around 1230-1848, many King and Popes and religious powers constructed many establishment in prague, notably the gothic design of cathedrals and the making of the Prague the center of the Holy Roman Empire gave it more leverage to be built in a sophisticated way. During this year also, martyr John Hus was burned on the account of having faith in Holy Scriptures and not by Catholic Tradition.

In 1918, Czech Republic became an independent state and Prague became its heart and capital. But during the World War 1 and World War 2, it was preoccuoppied by its power and lost its sovereignity. However, it returned in 1948 after the success of the Coup d’etat.

Today, it is still being visited due to its rich history, culture and diversity!